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 Maplewood new. Feb 2010

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Maplewood new. Feb 2010 Empty
PostSubject: Maplewood new. Feb 2010   Maplewood new. Feb 2010 EmptySun Feb 07, 2010 11:33 am

Written by Keith Jackson:

Maplewood Fingerboards will be introducing this month Blackout by Maplewood. Blackout is the ramp and obstacle division of Maplewood. They will be black in nature and be made of quality materials. They will be very sturdy and have a clear coat to protect the wood from any damage.
The 2010 graphics went a little better than i thought they would. They actually sold out before i could even get the site up. I had people msging me left and right to order one and then before i knew it i had sold out on the restock before i ever got it up. But we are working hard on getting more ready and we will put out some of the more popular ones so that people can have a chance to get one.
XTC by Maplewood is a new tape that i am working on. I am hoping to have this tape available for the public by mid month or at the latest the first of next month. I thought i had the glue perfect but further testing delayed that so when the glue is perfect like with Mapetape i will introduce it to the public.
As far as where Maplewood is heading in the future we are looking to be trying to find new ways of pushing the sport of fingerboarding and whether it is the proper machines or people we will continue to do it well into 2010 and beyond. I think this year will shock a lot of people that maybe doubt Maplewood.
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Maplewood new. Feb 2010
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