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 My Current Setup : Review

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My Current Setup : Review Empty
PostSubject: My Current Setup : Review   My Current Setup : Review EmptyThu Feb 11, 2010 12:50 pm

Yea this is a review for my latest and favorite setup:

-Vincent Wood Exotic deck
-FBS extra smooth
-FF teflon bushings
-*WIN*kler Wheels +BRR+ edition

Ye so i'll start with the deck....

I got the deck from Fabian at the UKR2 in january, and ive been using it ever since, and its my favorite deck ever =).
I'm not joking, these decks are amazing.
I got my BWNM (elias assmuth one, the winkler graphic was amazing) and it was good, but the pop kinda, dissapeared...
I used it and used it and used it, and the pop got worse and worse... But the VW just kept all its pop, and along with the amazing shape, i could land tonnes more tricks.
The shape is medium kicks, and low concave, which kinda reminds me of a Yellowood (it was molded after it ;D).
I reccomend getting one....

Now the FBS....
Everyone know FBS is amazing, so ill be quick.....
na just kidding lol but the tape is unexplainably good....

And onto the FFteflon bushings....
Personnaly i dont like them, i just cannot be arsed to change them....
some love them, but they make you're trucks very hard.... and yes, that is what she said....
They are made, well from teflon, but the top bushings are just RipTape bushings. They look very good but theyre not my preference. Avoid if you want 'soft' trucks.

And finnaly the Winkler Wheels...
These wheels have lots of good points but also lots of bad ones...
The good points are that they roll like nuhin else.... they are astonishingly good. Also they have a really nice white colour, plus the material is the best material for wheels. They slide amazing, and dont collect much dirt.... on the front...

The bad points are that they need a washer at the back to prevent them from waring down, thats not bad, but after regular use, (i mean about 3 hours =S) they will have collected a load of dirt in between the wheels and the washer.
Unfortuanly just rubbing is on you're shirt Etc. will not clean it. You have to take the wheels off and clean it with a cloth.
This means that if you have glued the nut (which you must do with these wheels) then you have wasted you're super glue..
You may be thinking, ' what wrong with a bit of dirt?', well let me tell you.... just about everything...
When these wheels get dirty, they roll like you're FBing in dog sh*t, and the aesthetics are just ruined by this big mucky splodge.... However, even with these problems, i would reccomend you to buy these wheels, unless you have anger problems or are short on glue... =P

So... i would buy all of these products (apart from the Bushings), and i hope this review helped you if you are looking for a new setup.... =]
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My Current Setup : Review
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