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 My Current Setup : Review

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Harry Yeates

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PostSubject: My Current Setup : Review   Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:48 pm

My Best Current Setup Is:

DECK: Berlinwood Graphic Deck ,,My Name Is''
TRUCKS: Nollie Wheels Wide Trucks ,,Chromez''
WHEELS: FlatFace G7.1 Brandon Robert Signature Wheels
GRIPTAPE: FBS Extra Smooth Tape
TUNING: Nollie Wheels Bushings and Washers

Berlinwood Graphic Deck Review:
This deck is amazing. It is made from the 2009 mold of berlinwoods. It features a graphic of "My Name Is" stickers. It has medium kicks, medium concave and medium dips. It has extreme amounts of pop, and it looks amazing. You can get it at:

Nollie Wheels Wide Trucks ,,Chromez'' Review:
These trucks are made by Nollie Wheels in Germany. They are wide and have a shiny chrome finish. As they are wide, they have alot of control. They come with the trucks, baseplates, and bushings and washers. They fit pretty much any type of wheels. You can get them at:

FlatFace G7.1 Brandon Robert Signature Wheels Review:
FlatFace G7.1 Wheels feature a unique shape that is just like the shape of a real skateboard wheel. They have two bearings per wheels, which means they ride twice as fast as your average set of bearing wheels. They also have a backless design, which means they will pretty much last you for ever. You can get them at:

FBS Extra Smooth Tape Review:
This tape is amazing. It is just like Riptape, but better. It is smoother and gripper, and does not wear in too much, so it will always perform great. This is pretty much the best tape around. You can get it at:

Nollie Wheels Bushings and Washers Tuning Review:
This tuning is just like any other of the latest type of tuning. Rubber bushings and metal washers, which means you can adjust your trucks if you like them loose or tight. These come with any sets of Nollie Wheels Trucks.

I really reccomend this setup, it performs and looks great.


Boffey wrote:
Get a thread called 'How Harry Yeates's deck looks like a mushroom.'

Danny Hynam wrote:
I need to wear a sports bra or my boobs just fly right into my face!

Chuck Norris wrote:
I Salute You Harry.
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My Current Setup : Review
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