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 My Current SetUp(s) : Review

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My Current SetUp(s) : Review Empty
PostSubject: My Current SetUp(s) : Review   My Current SetUp(s) : Review EmptyMon Feb 15, 2010 11:30 am

my set up:
deck: yellowood (super poplimo) Z1
trucks: spinal wide hanger and painted red close up base plate
hardware: fbs o-ringz, fbs extra smooth
wheels: substance ivory

my yellowood is fantastic for my prefrences, alot of peps try them onece and hate them forever but it just takes getting used to. after about a week of using it i had loads of new tricks on lock. the shape is medium kicks, mellow concave and super cool dips. the only problems oi have had with it is that after using it as my main dec for about 4/5 months a bit of the grafic has come of. the laquer was crap. it stared to chip in about 3 weeks.

the trucks are nice but the are very squer at the end of the axel so if you have backed baring wheels it will demolish them but i dont so its all cool. the base plate are nothing flashy but they do have good kingpins that dont dig in to your deck. and the paint looks extra cool but that was me not the company =].

fbs is just grate at every thing thay make. the tape is apasluty fantastic and from the other reveiws you can tell.
the o-ringz are realy nice they keep you truck in the right place so if you leen it to one side it will go back straight again to just stay lobsided for the rest of your sesh.

subtance wheels are quite unherd of they are kind of famus but people tend to go for flatface or winkelers but people dont no that substance were part of winckeler (back in the day) so you can tell that the craftsmanship will be outstanding. they are a backless. =]
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My Current SetUp(s) : Review Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Current SetUp(s) : Review   My Current SetUp(s) : Review EmptyThu Feb 18, 2010 4:03 am

No offence but maybe spell check and use correct punctuation next time ^.^
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My Current SetUp(s) : Review
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